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Okay, here’s one of my fav’s & not the type of mod you usually see?

I’d had this antique silverware box for a long time- can’t recall where I got it from, probably a flea market or garage sale. I have a soft spot for things like this- buy it, put it away, remember I have it, try to think of a use, then put it away again- lol.

At any rate, I’d been reading (at the time) about the mini-itx form-factor motherboards and- zing! Finally! I knew something cool would pop up if I gave it enough time…Just so happened that I also had been playing with a lot of the smaller Linux distros about the same time- and (the clincher)- had been given a dremel tool set for that year’s b’day. So, I got to work!
Silverware Mod-box photo 1-Silverwaremodbox.jpg

Measuring & cutting out the rear of the case & the lid was a bit nerve-wracking.

Rear Cut-outs photo 2-Modbox-cutouts.jpeg

Next, came the fit-out of the PSU & the board. It was really difficult to get the backplate lined up. I had to use washers on the brass stand-offs to get the right height.

PSU/Board test-fit photo 3-BoardampPSUtestfit.jpg

I think the hardest part was drilling the holes for the fan & motherboard as I had to measure exactly–> from the outside. I didn’t want to drill from the inside & splinter the wood.

Case fan   switches   standoffs photo 4-CaseFanampSwitches.jpeg

Everything fit in- I never bothered with an optical drive because I had an external (even then!). But looking at those PSU wires was killing me.

Top, front photo 5-Top-frontview.jpeg

I tried to find dark blue tape to wrap & hide the wires- but had to settle for hideous, tarp-blue instead.

Almost done, wires wrapped photo 6-NearlyDone.jpg

Here’s the rear of the case, finished.

Case rear finished photo 7-CaseRearw-hinges.jpg

So basically, I cut out the back, rearranged the hinges, then drilled the mounting holes. I used momentary switches from Radio Shack for the power & reset buttons. I dropped one side of a couple of jumpers over each of the power pins- and fed a piece of bell wire to the other side to provide power. Lastly, used a hole saw to cut out a spot for an adjustable case fan to keep things cool (putting the case on rubber feet gave it some place to pull air from).

It’s totally silent & no one would ever suspect what’s inside? Fast-forward to today & I still have it & it’s still fine as a web browser/light work unit. If I ever wanted to resurrect it, I could go PATA-SATA adapter & SSD.

Epia Mod Complete w/Linux! photo 8-ModcompletewithBeatrIXLinux.jpeg