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It’s kind of like that when you’re launching a new business from home.

I’ve turned my affinity & obsession with all-things-computer into a possibly-viable business. To advertise, I’m running the obligatory newspaper ad, had a lawn sign made up, had little case stickers printed (to affix to the ones I work on so the owners don’t forget me!), built a quick, two-page website, & have been continuing my involvement with a local senior’s computer club. That nets me business directly from those members as well as their friends & family. I also designed a rear window car decal & managed to place it on the glass perfectly with the help of my kids.

The next idea I had was to host a garage sale & set up a table of biz cards, a few cheap, revamped computer towers to sell (given to me by the owner after they’d purchased a new one at the shops) along with a few parts & odds & ends from the house. I got this brain-storm after my neighbour had a sale & our little closed street became grand central station for two days!  Totally free advertising with a guaranteed audience, too. True, I might have to actually visit a second-hand place to buy things to sell, but hey…  😉

If anyone has other advertising ideas for a new, home business such as mine, I’m definitely open to suggestions?