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Wow, I made it back to my blog!

Posted: Wednesday 25 April, 2012 in Uncategorized

This isn’t how I had hoped to do this. I mean, start a blog & then leave for months…ah well. I don’t beat myself up about that sort of thing like I used to- lol. It’s the thought that counts, eh? I mean, I truly thought about this blog many, many times but I just could not seem to get to it. I’d get wrapped up in some fiasco-du-jour, look up at the clock, & find it was nearly midnight (happens to me a lot). Anywho~~~

Since that first post, some five or so months ago, lots has happened. I had & ended a relationship, sent my kids off across the world for another contentious U.S. visit, got them back home safely, we became Australian citizens on Australia Day (26 Jan.!), my sister & her grand-daughter came down from Florida, my sister returned after three weeks but my great-niece has stayed to attend a half-year of uni in Perth, my son began his first year at uni as well, my daughter began her first year of high school, I finally got into physio, and I am now attempting to start my own business from home…whew!

So yeah, that’s why I wasn’t around the ol’ blog-a-roo for a while.

Let’s see if I can do better than one page, biannually…  😉